Corporate Events

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Picture this: It’s Friday afternoon, you’re scrambling to check all the boxes on your to-do list, and you realize you still haven’t booked entertainment for your upcoming corporate event. You play with the idea of building a quick playlist and setting your iPod to shuffle, but instead find a last minute DJ who happens to be free. You think you’re covered, but inevitably find yourself run ragged during the event, babysitting the DJ, and struggling to corral your guests. You didn’t even get to enjoy what you worked so hard to plan!
Sound familiar? Unfortunately, we hear stories like this all too often. Whether you’re planning your company’s grand opening, hosting clients for a special night, or treating your employees to a little extra fun, the process can be overwhelming—particularly while juggling your regular 9-5 responsibilities. On top of finding the right venue, choosing the perfect caterer, and making sure everyone has been invited, you also need to figure out entertainment and plan how to keep the crowd happy and organized.

That’s where we come in.

We know events—and we can help make sure yours goes smoothly (and that your guests have a blast!). When you team up with WTA, you’re teaming up with award-winning DJs, uplighting setup experts, and a group of hard-working staff who’ve got your back right from the very start.


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So let us supercharge your next party or wedding reception. We’re known for our expertise as South Florida wedding DJs and for awesome parties of all types.